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New Patient Registration

New patients must fill out our Patient Data form before a doctor can see you. WHen you press the SAVE button your data will be sent to the doctor. If you wish, you may print out a copy of the form by clicking the PRINT button.

You may enter dates by clicking on the calendar icon next to the data field or you may enter a date directly into the textbox. If you enter the date into the text box it must be in the form MM/DD/YYYY. If you see a date of 02/18/1867 it means you have not entered a date in that field.

SSN if you enter it must be in the from 999-99-9999.

First Name and Last Name are required.

WHen you are done filling in the data, press the Save button. If you have made any errors a pop up message will list them. You can then correct the named item. Once your data is correct and you press the Save button, a popup message will indicate success.

If you wish to print a copy of your data, please do so after saving it first.

Once you save the data it cannot be edited. If you wish to edit after saving, then press the Home button and then click the New Patient button again. If you do this within 20 minutes of the time saved it, you will be able to see your previously entered data and change it. You can then save it again. This will send multiple copies of your information to the doctor.

Patient Information

(For Insurance Purposes)

Insurance Section

Please provide information for both your Medical health insurance and your Vision insurance. Vision Insurance is mainly a wellness benefit and is provided to help reduce your costs for preventive eye care while the Medical insurance exists for more serious eye problems.

Patient Medical History

Please let us know the date of your last eye exam and update us about your medications, allergies to medications, major illnesses, injuries or surgeries.

Do you currently have any problems in the following areas? If yes, please check the appropriate box and then fill in the details by entering information in the supplied space.

Family history pertains to your mother, father, grandparent and sibling. If any member of your family has or had any of the following diseases, please check that item.



You may click the PRINT button to print a local copy of this data. If you already saved it you do not have to save it again unless you wish to update what you entered.


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